I'd  first  like  to  chat  with  people  on  the phone,  before  I  send  a  lot of information  to be  sure  that you are  seriously interested  in a course  . I have lots of questions for you as well. I find it is much  easier  to  explain  details  by  phone  than  thru  e-mails ,  as  well  .

I ask that you please  send  me  your  phone number  so I can  call  you  to go over  the  finer points  of  the  variety of choices . Then, hopefully we can Plan a course to MEET you needs? Questions asked by me are…

Where are you from?
Do you have  any  past  experience  in doing  any Taxidermy  or  skinning  of  animals?
Do you have  any  past  experience  in using  any  hand  tools ,  sharp knives    etc.  ?  Are  you  Patient  with  things  that  take  LONG hours  , with finer details  etc. 

What areas of taxidermy are you most interested in?

How much time can you devote for a course?

What is your financial situation as to paying for a course?

How SERIOUS are you in doing this etc.  ?

One  does  need basic manual Dexterity but not a lot of  artistic talent, it helps, but with good reference & proper training , most  people can do decent  taxidermy  !

I  offer over  36  different courses and  I  give  and train  from  one  to  three  students  at  a  time . All courses are set up by Special appointment to meet the students and my agreement. Most  courses  are  hands on, where  the students  do their  own  mounts  and  take  them  home  to keep . I do a number of demonstrations as well. 

 These courses require long hours and sometimes days completing and this is all flexible.  Students and I usually work as many hours in a day that we can stand and as many days  in a week  also . THIS is all Flexible, there is NO particular schedule!  It  is ALL  by  mutual  agreement,  Everyone    can  work at  their  own  pace  !

Some  people  have  to  break up  their  course  in  segments  due to  health, family or  work  related  constraints  .  I try to work with them, if this is the case.

Anyone  can  take  a  course  in  ALL  areas  of  Taxidermy  ( birds,  fish,  mammals  & gameheads  as  well as  fur  rugs  & novelty taxidermy ). I have three  courses  for this  .  Different lengths & costs with a variety of techniques taught for each. The longer the course, the MORE is covered. 

 I can explain more about this by phone.  But basically these are approximately 4, 6  &  8 weeks  long  completing  7, 11  &  17 mounts . Prices  run  from  $  8500.00 to  $10,500.00  to  $15000.00  for  these  intense  courses  .

I also have  many  other  separate courses covering  various  types  of  taxidermy  (  just    gameheads,  or  just  birds, or  just  Mammals  life-size,  fish  etc. Fur...rugs.... Again, there are a varietyof choices for these as well, again, covering more techniques in the longer courses and at a greater  price  .

To see the brochures that I feel are most important for you to know....please click here

YOU  WILL,  if  serious  ,  Get  all  the  help from me  in  choosing  a  course  to  met  your needs IN  contents & PRICE .  I do all I can to try to fit everyone with something to help them get started.

I even have demonstration type courses for anyone who feels they cannot  afford  the hands on -  take home  mounts    courses. This  is  where you can watch me do  mounts  and even help  me  -  by  doing  some  hands  on here in the shop on clients mounts. I can explain more on the phone about this. These of course are much less  costly  as one  doesn't  take  home  any  mounts  usually . Then, if  they decide  to  come  back  to  do  a  course  of  ALL Hands ON then the cost of the demonstration course is  credited  toward  the  hands on course!

I do cover Business information in all of my courses related to taxidermy, prices and collecting monies through their prospective business. I also give students supply contacts, catalogs and formulas that I have used over the years that have worked well for me. Every student that completes the courses will also receive a nice Certificate to frame on their wall showing all prospective clients bringing in their mounts that you have indeed completed the hours needed to graduate from an accredited school of taxidermy. I am  available  to  students  after  a  course  for  technical  support  as  well .

Most course include everything (specimens, supplies, tools used and room and board. A furnished apartment is on location and made available to students.  If someone wants to arrange to stay elsewhere, this also can be arranged prior to the beginning of the course.

Same holds true when it comes to supplying your own specimens and supplies to reduce the cost of the course for some what less monies. I hedge on this  a  bit  as  sometimes  their  specimens  or  materials are  NOT what I think are the right choices. 

As  you can see,  There  is a  lot to  cover  in  just  explaining  all this & I am  sure their is  a lot more  things I did  not  cover here yet.

 If after reading this far, you think you might be wanting to do anything in the  Gameheads  area this  coming  year, PLEASE  try to  acquire  two  too  three    un-skinned  white-tailed  deer  heads .  By this I mean one Doe head and two bucks. The antlers do NOT have to be large. 

Any legal buck would do. Ones with smaller antlers will take up less space in the freezer etc. 

ALL three should be CUT all the way around the deer behind the front legs. The skin then can be Peeled down and over the shoulders and neck as close to the ears as possible.  If  a  large  piece  of  neck is  left in  the  skin… NO Problem. In fact this is where most clients and butchers do and what causes  the most problem for taxidermists. This leads to having difficulties doing the proper short incision skinning process. After this is completed, triple wrap all this in plastic and freeze it.

This is very helpful, so we can teach you the BEST training possible on the various skinning procedures. There are several (open incision & Short incision) cuts . Short  hair,  early  season ( bow *  muzzle loader  season  kills  )  are  not  recommended  cut  all the way down  the  back of the neck  .

These procedures are much easier for Beginners to understand if done hands on rather than by demo or videos! I do  not  ever  have enough  extra  un-skinned  heads  for  students , thus the Pre-planning helps. The students don’t necessarily mount these  heads BUT can, or take them home for later practice. 

Thanks & I hope   I can  spend  some  quality time  training  you in the  near  future  .

Any  education  is  for  LIFE  &  usually  worth more  than the cost  IF someone  uses it  !  Hands on instruction , in private (one on one) or  in  very small  class  environment    should  save  anyone  Many Years  of learning  from books & videos &  all  the  Trial  &  error  years  of  Total  frustrations  !  .

Yours  in  Quality  Education,  the  Personal  -  Private  Way  . 


With a Personality and a Passion.

                                Larry Vielhauer,

                          Owner- instructor of 

                      Larry's Taxidermy Studio & 

                      Northeast School of Taxidermy




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