Upland Birds
  • Measuring
  • Skinning and fleshing
  • Proper form selection
  • Mounting techniques
  • Base making
  • Finishing
  • Local and Federal bird laws

There are no set start and finish dates other than what each individual contract states. No student is finished till their listed specimens are all completed, etc.

Each course is planned special to fit the need of each student. It is planned to satisfy his/her goals in content, training time available, dates to fit student and school and cost to fit students budget etc Total Flexibility is the word Here! We will do our best to please!

Again...we try our best to fit each student to particular interests and budget based on your needs. We have yet to turn down anyone that is truly interested in learning taxidermy. If your just looking to brush up or learn a new area of taxidermy, we offer a breakdown of each subject area to suit your needs.

Please call or write for further information. If you are really serious in wanting to learn the correct way to a realistic mount from an instructor that has won numerous  awards, well known in the industry and with better than 30 years of experience...then look no further.

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Program Courses

Take one or all depending on your needs. Again...we are willing to work with you if you show the desire and willingness to learn. We offer a number of different payment options to suit your individual needs.

Please contact us today to see about enrolling today!