Northeast School of Taxidermy began in 1981, after attending a National taxidermy convention. Larry's Muskie mount was voted "best fish skin mount", so several other taxidermists asked him to teach them.

After several courses and great success, the students gave the school it's first name, "The Incredible School".  This is still a common phrase heard on graduation days. Reason being, students learn so much in such a short time. Students save years of learning by trial and error and start a business quickly.

The comfortable atmosphere, openness, and Larry's kind personality are what makes this a special place. Flexible dates, hours and pricing as well as options such as lodging, meals, and leisure's make this a great school.

Now, as always the school stays small with only a limited number of students yearly. An active taxidermy business in operation is still an important part of the learning atmosphere.

What to expect with taking our courses

Creating a lasting memory through the art of Taxidermy.”

  1. Take home startup tool kit & books (optional)
  2. Training in all areas of the Art
  3. Contract & Certificate given
  4. Training geared to each student
  5. Specimens available & selected by student
  6. Completed mounts are yours
  7. mostly one student course - three students maximum
  8. One day = 10 - 15 hours of training
  9. Special methods, techniques and formulas

Other important factors to consider:

  • Great home-cooked meals (possible).
  • On location lodging included with courses..
  • Active commercial studio with at-home atmosphere
  • Honesty and Dependability
  • Proof of satisfied students
  • Enjoy outdoor adventures on occasion

What separates us from the rest? We keep our class sizes small with a maximum of three students for a reason. We want the ability to work one on one with each student making sure they get the most out of the course and are able to reproduce a great mount once the course is completed on their own. Anyone can say they do taxidermy, but what separates the average taxidermists from the great ones is the paying attention to detail and having it look life-like when completed.

We don't teach 15 to 20 students at a time of where there is that lack of one on one training and being able to spend the time needed with each student to produce an exceptional mount to be proud of. SO if your looking to attend a taxidermy school that spends more time actually working on the mounts and less in a classroom setting, are more interested in actually learning how to be a great taxidermist than just having a certificate...give us a call or drop me an email

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More information concerning prices, course and what to expect from taking one or more of my classes. This is no substitute for talking with you personally on the phone, but will give more information on making an informed decision and might answer some of your concerns. Click here!

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Ron Mac Dougal
Ron Mac Dougal


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Lillian McCarthy 

Lillian McCarthy from Shelter Island- L.I. NY

 Lillian McCarthy 

 Lillian McCarthy

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Christi Billips of California

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Mark Thrasher -600 Hour Course 21 mounts